Aplikasi Identifikasi Penyakit Ikan Laut menggunakan metode Case Based Reasoning

Dasril, Aldo Aplikasi Identifikasi Penyakit Ikan Laut menggunakan metode Case Based Reasoning. JURNAL SAINS DAN INFORMATIKA, 6 (2). pp. 78-83. ISSN 2502-096X

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The keramba system has been implemented by fishermen on the island of Batam in cultivating sea fish. Keramba is the name for a fish pond made from nets which is made to accommodate cultivated fish. There are problems that often occur in seawater fish farming, namely that many cases of fish are attacked by diseases caused by various factors. Due to the lack of knowledge of fishermen in observing the characteristics of fish that are attacked by disease, these fish can infect other fish so that the disease can spread widely and can even infect fish that are outside the cage. If this continues, fishermen will experience many losses due to crop failure. Due to these problems, a solution is offered in the form of an expert system application using the Case Based Reasoning (CBR) method, this method will match the old disease symptom data with the symptom data consulted by the fishermen so that the similarity number of each type of disease to be studied is generated. The final result of this research is the percentage value of similarity along with recommendations in the form of suggestions and solutions to be carried out by fishermen. The results obtained were trematode worms in white snapper with a percentage of 90%, Cryptocaryon in pomfret with a percentage of 66.67%, Cryptocaryon in groupers with a percentage of 80%.

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