Metode FAST (Framework for The Applications) Untuk Pembangunan Sistem Inventory

Dasril, Aldo Metode FAST (Framework for The Applications) Untuk Pembangunan Sistem Inventory. JURNAL INOVTEK POLBENG - SERI INFORMATIKA, 6 (2). pp. 211-221. ISSN 2527-9866

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The inventory system is a system for understanding the inventory of goods in a place. The inventory system has been widely used or developed with various technologies and systems. The product inventory information system used by the Kepri Mall Electronic Heaven still uses a manual method that is less efficient and requires a lot of time. In addition, data storage technology still uses document archiving which causes file accumulation, and the possibility of file loss or damage is very high. Therefore, this research is trying to create a computerized inventory data system that is more specific but easy to use, as a result, it can more easily access the information needed and make it easier to manage information or documents. The result of this research is the creation of an inventory information system that can facilitate and speed up the process of transferring inventory data.

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